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Curated Tours & Tasting Experiences by reservation only.  

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(only confirmed requests are reserved, for guaranteed reservations please allow 24 hours notice)

Welcome to Ektimo Wines.  Our modest, family owned boutique winery is nestled in one of the most prestigious appellations renowned for producing world class wines.  There is something for everyone here.  Our quest for excellence focuses on staying true to varietal and regional character yet drawing out the finer qualities of a vintage with our ultimate goal being sheer, unadulterated pleasure.  The wines are a symphony for the senses to be enjoyed regularly and often, whether it is a magnificent gourmet meal or a spectacular sunset at the beach immense enjoyment is just moments away.  Make Ektimo wines a part of your special occasions, celebrations or simple indulgences. 

Embark on a treasure hunt and find this undiscovered rural gem.  Between Forestville and Sebastopol off Hwy 116 in Sonoma County, take the unassuming turn on Ross Station Road, then the first left on Ross Road to find us tucked away down the country lane adjacent to the West County end of the Joe Rodota Trail.  Your reward will be a unique array of exquisite wines and a memorable experience.  Rustic…yes, unpretentious…yes, great wines…YES!  If the weather is nice, bring a picnic and stay a while, rediscover the way wine country used to be and make this a visit to remember.  When you arrive, soon to be famous Ektimo Wines await. Our very limited production wines range from 50 case custom label lots, to small productions of unique custom crafted tantalizing beauties.


Specializing in Award Winning, Multiple Gold Medal Best of Class 98 point Estate Pinot Noir, Best of Class 96 point Chardonnay and 95 point Cabernet Sauvignon, 90 point Zinfandel, and then reaching out a little further for small lots of  91 point Sauvignon Blanc and Petite Sirah.  There is something for everyone here.  


Subliminal hint....join our wine club and fun will follow.


We are a full service wine production operation, with custom crush facilities for select small producers, and can offer custom bottlings for corporate packages, memorable wedding wines, and customized labeling options for our world class wines.  Want your name on premium wine?  We can make it happen.


Barrel Tasting and Futures Purchases

2023 Ektimo Estate "Afficionado" Pinot Noir

At Ektimo, we carefully select our small and select futures lots, with the intent of showcasing unique wines that do not require too much imagination to recognize their worth, yet holding back just enough to allow for elevations that only time can reveal.  Such is the case with our latest offering the truly magnificent 

2023 Ektimo "Afficionado" Estate Pinot Noir

Our 2023 "Afficionado" Estate Pinot Noir has the pedigree to transcend expectations and shows all the qualities to achieve classic status.  This is the apogee where nature, science and art converge in tangible form as a feast for the senses, and your leap of faith will yield magnificent rewards…………order yours nowCustom labeling options will be available by request. 

Captivating translucence of Madagascar Ruby, the purple/red crystal density is intense.  Appealing aromas of black cherries and blackcurrants and a wisp of Toasted Oak.  Smooth as silk on the palate with emerging flavors of Blueberry, tart cherry, crisp red delicious apple, and the faintest touch of lavender it teases hints of emerging elegance and complexity with restraint.  A Blossoming beauty that will truly shine and improve with time.  Once this releases and you taste it again, you will wish you had ordered more…did you order yours yet?

Open by appointment only.  Closed Mondays & Tuesdays 

Reservations daily from 10.00am, last reservation at 3.30pm

For outdoor seating tasting reservations email  

You will receive a confirmation email once your reservation has been approved.

You may also text reservation requests to 707-710-1479

(only confirmed requests are reserved, for guaranteed reservations please allow 24 hours notice)

Featured Wines

2023 Ektimo "Afficionado" Estate Pinot Noir

Barrel tasting has launched, and our latest futures offering promises to be something truly special.  This Green Valley Estate Wine from the core of the Russian River appellation is Pinot Perfection, and will captivate even the most discerning palate 

Our 2023 "Afficionado" Estate Pinot Noir has the pedigree to transcend expectations, and shows all the qualities of classic status.  This is the apogee where nature, science and art converge in tangible form as a feast for the senses, and your leap of faith will yield magnificent rewards.  This wine would modestly retail at a mere $50 for this extremely limited beauty, but all indications are that this wine will sell out at futures by the case only for a staggering $25 per bottle to our club members or past futures buyers.

We anticipate some 66 cases only, so reserve yours now and thank yourself later.  Retail would a mere $50 but this wine will sell out at futures, it only sells by the case but for the vote of confidence you get 50% off the retail price!!  Buy the case and the price is just $25 per bottle (plus tax and shipping where applicable).  Custom label options from simple to irreverent are available at no additional charge, inquire for details or order directly by emailing to


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