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About Our Winemaking

Our Winemaker Stefan T. Geoffroy has some unique techniques when it comes to blending our Big Bulldog Blend and making our Pink Poodle Rosé. While we can't give out all of his secrets for all of our wines, we can tell you a few fascinating things about our winemaking methods.

During the Maceration Time (a.k.a. ‘Skin Contact’), Stefan keeps a very close eye on the grapes. Sometimes we'll miss a few nights sleep to get the Maceration just right. When it comes time to ferment the wine, Stefan is absolutely obsessive when it comes to the fermentation temperature - and he's proud of it.

We keep the grapes in a temperature controlled room and he ensures that the location's temperature doesn't change or waver over half a degree farenheight for the first 12 days of fermentation.

While steeltanks are extremely cost effective, we only use those for some of our Rosé and White wines. The majority of the time we will age our wines both red and white in 100% first use French Oak. The real secret here is the Oak is shipped from France and our Master Cooper, Chris Tuncton creates the barrels onsite. Needless to say he is very busy!