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Aaron Piotter
April 14, 2021 | In the vineyard | Aaron Piotter

The Vines are off to the races

Despite a drop of only 15 feet in elevation over a distance of just under 500 feet from the top of the Ektimo Estate vineyard’s northwestern edge to the lower, southeastern corner, the difference in Terroir is clearly visible in the new growth.  Colder air and more available soil moisture mean the vines in the lower portion are later to respond and in no hurry.  The drier vines on the upper portion are off to the races and eager to respond to the recent warmth.  The difference between the two areas of the Estate represents a week or two in terms of potential ripeness. Same day & time Southeast Corner left vs Northwest corner right


Lots can happen between now and September, but the uniqueness of the soil, clonal selections and microclimates should only become more visible as the growing season progresses. 



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