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Julius Orth
May 27, 2022 | Julius Orth

Winery Custom Crush

Have you ever wondered how newcomers break into the industry?  Have you ever thought that you might want to start making some wine of your own?  Have you ever thought you might want wines of your own with customized messaging directly on the label?

Well, here at Ektimo Winery all these possibilities can become reality. 

As a select, boutique family owned operation our Estate Wines represent a tiny amount of our production capacity.  Some of our more exclusive single clone wines are limited to a mere 50 cases and are sold out in advance at the winery.  However our facilitiy at full capacity is permitted to produce up to 40,000 cases and our opwn bottling line can package up to 2,000 cases per day..

So rather than have an abundance of empty space and unexplored capacity, we enable many unique producers to explore their dreams without the substantial capital investments.  Start small, dream BIG. 

How this works depends on the client.  If you were to walk into the winery, speak with our winemaker and simply decide "I want to make 50 cases of Penelope Pitstop Pinot Noir".... it can happen.... for a price.  Now if you have the same discussion, but qualify the request with "but I will be bringing my own grapes from the Petaluma Gap, and I will supply my own barrels" that is is a different fee.  If you choose to make your own wine and work with our winemaker as a consultant, that is a different fee.  There is a formula designed for the varied levels of involvement.  Our knowledgable staff can guide you on the right path, from licensing and label apprval, to quality control and wine repairs.

But be warned, once you are bitten by the winemaking bug it can quickly become an obsession.  It also is worth noting that making wine is easy, anyone can do it.  Making good wine?  That is a little more complex.  Making great wine?  That is a great confluence of nature, science and art.  Many a small fortune has been made in the wine industry.... by starting with a large fortune.  Capturing lightning in a bottle?  A lot less common.

So, if you are now intrigued and ready to take your first baby steps on the road to winedom, you just might have discovered the perfect place to start your journey.     


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